Who are we and what do we do?

Found Arts Limited is an International Arts Company with a highly experienced focus on multi-disciplinary intercultural arts.

We have delivered a number of diverse and bespoke arts projects and are interested in collaborations between schools, community groups , museums, libraries, rehabilitation centers, disability agencies, youth theatre , actors and aspiring theatre makers.


Carrie Ann-Newman set up Theatre Found Limited in 2007 with her now husband David Newman.

The company is dedicated to providing accessible professional productions and multi-arts projects. Found Arts aim is to enable people to find and express their artistic voice and to create projects which are 'creative without doors'. 

Doors that can be seen as sociological and economic barriers to accessing the arts; doors that are closed to communities and individuals who find difficulty in expressing themselves; doors that artists try to unlock in order to find a platform and produce their own work; doors to international texts through the translating of cultures;  iron doors that artists and companies across the world still experience through aggressive censorship, threats and imprisonment due to their politics, their theatrical voice and community work.

We work in professional theatre, and diverse community arena's often creating work which translates cultures bringing new and re-worked culturally relevant projects to Scotland and South Wales.

We work with Found spaces, Found texts and Found communities enabling others to Find the Arts.


 Image from Antigone in New York , 2008 by Charlotte Blackledge

Found Arts Limited began in 2007, named then as Theatre Found "theatre without doors". We recently realised that as a company we were producing more multi-medium projects and decided to continue Theatre Found as a project within a newly incorporated not-for-profit organization Found Arts Limited.

With our new name and new adventures in South Wales (Cardiff) and Scotland (Glasgow) we hope to find new and wonderful people and projects to work with.

Please get in touch if you require professional theatre and film, highly experienced community arts practitioners, street theatre, children's theatre, bespoke site reflective tours and performance, adaptations and script development.